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We’re not Jewish, but we are Orthodox We’re not Roman, but we are Catholic We’re not Protestant, but the Bible came from us We’re not Denominational, we’re Pre-Denominational

St. George Orthodox Church is a center for Christian worship, teaching and ministry in Fishers, Indiana. Founded in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1926, we are in communion with the ancient Orthodox Christian Church whose history goes all the way back to the time of Christ and His Apostles.

  You may have heard us referred to as “Greek Orthodox” or “Eastern Orthodox.” We are the original Christian Church of Jerusalem, the Holy Land, Greece, Asia, Africa and the Slavic countries. Our history in North America goes back to 1794 when Orthodox missionaries first arrived to minister to the Native Peoples of Alaska. We believe that God is not an angry and vengeful judge anxious to destroy sinners. Rather, He is the loving and eternally merciful God who created the universe and called it “good.” He made mankind in His own image and likeness for a life of joyful communion with Him. Despite our failings, sins and mistakes, He never ceases to love and freely offer His mercy, forgiveness and grace. The Word of God became man, the carpenter Jesus of Nazareth, and revealed Himself to us as the Way, the Truth and the Life. By His death on the cross, He destroyed the power of death, hell and the devil. And by His glorious Resurrection He arose victorious over every foe and power, offering to us participation in His very life. Jesus Christ founded His Church to be His body on earth as a fellowship of healing, teaching and communion. The Church is a hospital for healing the sick, the wounded and the weak.

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The driveway and parking lot have been plowed out from the snow. The church is open for services today for all who can make it safely. Godspeed for your travel. ... See MoreSee Less

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Our driveway and parking lot have been plowed, so we are open for all services. The Lord keep you safe! ... See MoreSee Less

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LITURGY IN ARABIC AND ALL-SOULS MEMORIAL: SATURDAY, FEB. 21 السبت، 21 فبراير\شباط، 10 صباحا،: القدّاس الالهي باللغة العربية: تذكار جميع الراقدين All are invited to bring koliva and a list of the names of your departed to be remembered. NOTE: We will post an update here if we need to cancel on account of snow. ... See MoreSee Less

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Fr. Nabil's Message for Lent 2015: BECOMING BLESSED SPIRITUAL ATHLETES We have been both horrified and blessed this week, as we have seen images of 21 young Christian men beheaded in Libya, on the shore of the Mediterranean. Each of them was given an option: renounce Christ or be killed. One by one, they confessed Christ boldly. What courage and strength! We recognize them already as blessed martyrs—witnesses to Christ—because they stayed faithful no matter what, even in the face of death. What strength! Even more, these 21 New Martyrs of Libya prayed for their executioners and maintained all the Christian attitudes of love for enemies, always blessing rather than cursing, when it counted most. They join the martyrs from the early centuries—like our own St. George—whom our Lord has crowned as “victorious athletes,” as our Church hymnography calls them. Certainly we all would like to think we could be strong and do the same. Or, as “Peter said to … [Jesus], ‘Even if I must die with you, I will not deny you.’ And so said all the disciples’” (Matthew 26.35). With the exception of John, the disciples couldn’t; they denied Christ and ran off. We can’t do the things we want to do without proper preparation. No matter what our natural, God-given talents, we can’t pass our exams without studying; we can’t bench press 500 pounds without training, and we can’t be strong in our faith, in the face of temptations, difficulties and sorrows without prayer and fasting. Even Jesus prepared for temptation and for His ministry—including death on a cross—with 40 days of total fasting. If He needed to fast, so do we! Of course, after the Resurrection, the disciples also fasted. Through prayer and fasting, Peter and the others became pillars of strength and Pillars of the Church. They also witnessed to Christ through martyrdom (only John departed this life naturally). We honor them and celebrate the days of their martyrdoms as feasts, the days when they proved their strength in triumph over temptation and evil. While we, here in America, thankfully do not face martyrdom, we nevertheless face many temptations. We are constantly bombarded with distractions and are pressured by society and friends to live a life that fails to live up to the fullness of our Christian life and morals. We get very self-centered, seeking our own comfort and to be seen as ‘cool’ by peers, but we also quickly lose our cool with impatience toward our spouses, children, etc. So we risk becoming gradually indistinguishable from non-Christians and shall then have denied Christ. Our holy Mother, the Church, wants us to ‘grow up’ strong through the exercises of prayer and fasting. I look forward to growing with you as a better witness to Christ this Lent. ... See MoreSee Less

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Glen GrabowOur whole purpose in life is to be with Christ. We may be all called to profess Christ, are you prepared?1   ·  1 week ago

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