Recommended Books


Becoming Orthodox:
A Journey to the Ancient Christian Faith

After a long and difficult journey, 2000 weary evangelical Protestants finally found their way home. This is the story of a handful of courageous men and their congregations who risked stable occupations, security, and the approval of lifelong friends to be obedient to God s call. It is also the story of every believer who is searching for the Church. Where Christ is Lord. Where holiness, human responsibility, and the Sovereignty of God are preached. Where fellowship is more than a covered-dish supper in the church basement. And where fads and fashion take a back seat to apostolic worship and doctrine.

This is a book for Christians looking for ways to bring new life to their own churches. It s also a book for those completely dissatisfied those on their own search. And it s a book for Orthodox Christians looking for renewal. This revised edition includes a new epilogue, Coming up on Twenty-Five Years since the entry of the Evangelical Orthodox into the Holy Orthodox Church.


Coming Home:
Why Protestant Clergy are Becoming Orthodox

Eighteen former Protestant leaders tell about their journey of “Coming Home” to the Orthodox Christian Faith.

The 18 stories include:

Antony Hughes – Oral Roberts University
Gregory Rogers – Church of Christ
Nicholas Sorensen – Concordia Seminary
Daniel Matheson – United Church of Canada
Thomas Renfree – Western Conservative Baptist Seminary
Frank Milanese – Campus Crusade for Christ
Andrew Harmon – United Methodist Church
Paul Waisanen – Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Alister Anderson – Episcopalian
Timothy Cremeens – Assemblies of God
John Pro – Luther Rice Seminary
Athanasios Ledwich – Anglican
Harold Dunaway – Bible Baptist College
David Smith – Asbury Seminary
Bill Caldaroni – United Church of Christ
Ron Olson – Biola College and Inner-city Missions
Tim Blumentritt – Plymouth Brethren
William Olnhausen – General Theological Seminary


Light from the Christian East:
An Introduction to the Orthodox Tradition

“Do they really pray to icons?” “Why do they use incense?” “What do they believe?” To many people, the Orthodox Christian tradition (or Eastern Orthodoxy) seems unfamiliar and mysterious. Yet this tradition is arguably the most faithful representative of early Christianity in existence today and numbers roughly 250 million adherents worldwide. What’s more, a steady stream of evangelical Christians has been entering the Orthodox Church in recent decades. Isn’t it time we gained a deeper understanding of Orthodoxy?


Thirsting for God in a Land of Shallow Wells

Beginning in the street ministry days of the Jesus Movement, Matthew Gallatin devoted more than 20 years to evangelical Christian ministry. He was a singer/songwriter, worship leader, youth leader, and Calvary Chapel pastor. Nevertheless, he eventually accepted a painful reality: no matter how hard he tried, he was never able to experience the God whom he longed to know. In encountering Orthodox Christianity, he finally found the fullness of the Faith.

In Thirsting for God, philosophy professor Gallatin expresses many of the struggles that a Protestant will encounter in coming face to face with Orthodoxy: such things as Protestant relativism, rationalism versus the Orthodox sacramental path to God, and the unity of Scripture and Tradition. He also discusses praying with icons, praying formal prayers, and many other Orthodox traditions. An outstanding book that will help Orthodox readers more deeply appreciate their faith and will give Protestant readers a more thorough understanding of the Church.